Maertz Budget PLA Pro Tough PLA at IGO3D

The Maertz Budget PLA Pro is an inexpensive Tough PLA filament that offers high reliability and quality. The material can be easily printed on all FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers with an open material system.

Advantages of Maertz PLA Pro Filament

Maertz PLA Pro Filament is a Tough PLA, which means a PLA filament that has been enriched with additives that make the material more resilient and resistant. Due to the current high prices of the raw material PLA, mixing PLA with additives is also cheaper, which allows to achieve the attractive selling price.

Applications for Maertz PLA Pro Filament

Maertz PLA Pro Filament is particularly suitable for beginners and novices in 3D printing. Makers, private users in the hobby area and all those who are looking for a simple filament with improved properties will also find Maertz PLA Pro to be an ideal printing material. The filament can be used to produce not only design prototypes and illustrative models, but also easily resilient prototypes. PLA Pro is suitable for figures, architectural models, simple mounts and model making, among other things.

Weight of the Filament
1000 g
Special Features:
Easy to print
Printing Temperature
Heat Bed

Wit 1.75mm 1kg


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