Inexpensive PETG filament from the Maertz Budget series

Maertz Budget PETG is a popular and high-quality 3D printing material based on polyethylene terephthalate. The “G” in the name PETG stands for a modification with glycols / glycols. This additive provides greater impact strength and abrasion resistance. In addition to PLA and ABS, PET, but also PETG, has established itself over the last few years as a popular and widely used solution.


Maertz Budget PETG filament is manufactured under strict quality management processes to ensure a constant filament diameter, uniform colours, low moisture absorption and a consistent rounding. Nevertheless, as with any other PETG, we recommend that the material is stored dry. The glucose part in the material makes the filament tougher and easier to process. At the same time, it also absorbs more moisture from the environment (hygroscopy). Therefore, the filament should be stored in a closed bag or box when it is not being used for printing.


Applications of Maertz Budget PETG Filament

Maertz Budget PETG is suitable for applications with mechanical loads. The material has less warping than common ABS, but can also have good properties. PETG is also temperature resistant up to approx. 80°C. Maertz Budget PETG can be used to produce, among other things, storage boxes, cups, holders, handles and covers .

Weight of the Filament
1000 g
Special Features:
Resilient, Easy to print
Printing Temperature
Heat Bed

Wit 1.75mm 1kg


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