Precise resin for printing temporary crowns and bridges. Class IIa biocompatibility makes it safe for contact with a human body lasting for up to 30 days. It’s available in an A2 shade.

Dental crowns and bridges made with Raydent Crown&Bridge Resin can be printed in one go or in multiple parts that have to be cemented. The resin is highly resistant to abrasion which allows the models to keep smooth surfaces and anatomical shape over the entire period of intended use. All prints must be sterilized prior to intraoral use.

Temporary dental crowns
Temporary dental bridges
A temporary dental crown. A temporary dental crown in shade A2 printed with Raydent Crown & Bridge Resin on Zortrax Inkspire 3D printer.

Class IIa biocompatibility
Raydent Crown & Bridge resin is certified safe for continuous intraoral use lasting for up 30 days. It’s long enough to have permanent crowns and bridges made.
Crowns and bridges printed with Raydent Crown & Bridge Resin are highly resistant to abrasion, so they retain their shape throughout the entire period of use.
Ease of assembly
Components printed with Raydent Crown & Bridge Resin can be assembled through cementing to smooth out the joints in the structure.

Raydent crown & bridge resin 1L


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