PA6 CF15 1.75mm 1kg


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High temperature construction material

Nylon PA6 CF15 is a high-temperature, black, PA6-based construction material. Filling with carbon fibres increases significantly the mechanical strength of the polyamide the material is based on. The filaments specific quality is the moisture absorption reduced by half and the water absorption time is four times lower than that of the pure PA6. Printing does not require a heated chamber and no deformation occurs. The material is compatible with the HIPS and PVOH support materials. In addition, Nylon PA6 CF15 features a very low linear shrinkage (up to 0.1%), a high deformation temperature (240oC), working temperature (180oC) and low thermal expansion coefficient (0.4 10-5/K).

Key features

exceptionally low processing (linear) shrinkage of 0.1 %
high temperature and abrasion resistance
easy separation of the object from the bed
high mechanical strength
chemical resistance to lubricants and oils
a wide range of applications
very robust lamination of layers
a high creep resistance, high hardness and rigidity of the printed items
a very wide temperature range for prolonged operation as well as a very high temperature up to 180°C for short-time operation

production of gear wheels and racks, sweep-off gears and guide rolls operated in elevated temperatures up to 150°C on a prolonged basis and up to 180°C on a short-time basis
all types of ring and plate seals with an increased chemical and corrosion resistance
end-use parts
functional prototyping
industrial modelling

Filament wound on a transparent PC spool. The spool contains information about the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each reel is packed in aluminium vacuum bag with ZIP lock with a silica gel inside.