Myriwell 3D Pen with display! 3D printing is a lot of fun. You can get an expensive printer to build awesome models. You cant carry a large 3D printer with you though. 3D printing pens are different. They are small enough for you to carry around to build models and bring your ideas to life quickly. The MyRiwell 3D Pen from 3D Prima serves as a very affordable 3D printing pen. When you press the button which is placed on the side you can start drawing on a surface or even in thin air. Make the model you want in any size you want. The new pen from Myriwell also comes with a LCD display so you can get a temperature read out and it makes the change of filament easier. Just load the pen with ABS or PLA (samples included) and start drawing! Here are the specifications for this device: Printing Speed: 65ms (Adjustable) Extruding Temp: 60°C ~ 230°c Barrel Temp: 40°C ~ 60°C Nozzle Aperture: 0.4mm Weight: 65g

Myriwell 3D pen


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