Creating channel letter signs does not have to be time-consuming! A large 3D printer, like AD1, can print a sturdy, lightweight channel letter sign in just a few hours.Hundreds of channel letters can be printed in two days. Won’t the store owner be happy to see their name in lights sooner rather than later?

Name AD1
Extruder quantity
1 (two inlets and one outlet)
Printing precision ±0.5 mm
Position precision X/Y axis:0.011 mm;
Z axis:0.0025 mm
Layer thickness 0.2~0.4 mm
Build size 600 x 600 x 70 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.6 mm
Printing speed 10-80 mm/s
Highest extruder temperature 260℃
Filament diameter 1.75mm(±0.07mm)
Filament type PLA/Advertisement filament for AD1
Power supply AC:100-240V~
Device size 1070*975*485mmmm
Packaging size 1170*1140*610mm
Net weight 50.2kg
Gross weight 76 kg
Slicing software Flash AD
Flashprint language /
Screen language Chinese/English
Input/Output file type Input:STL File;
Output:GX/G File/GFZ
Printing connection USB Disk/ Ethernet
Certification /
Working temperature 10-30℃
Compatible operating system Win xp/Vista/7/8/10、Mac OS、Linux
Compatible slicing software FLashCloud
Heating bed setting support 100
Close design ×
Auxiliary leveling ×
Filament running out reminding √
Replaceable print bed ×
Ultra silence design ×
Continue last printing when power off √
Intelligent door sensor ×
Touch LCD screen 5inch
Constant temperature and circumfluence system ×
Remote camera watching ×
Wireless WIFI ×
Ethernet √
USB stick Interface √
Air filter net ×
Magnetic Printing bed ×
Cloud √

Flashforge AD1 channel letter 3D printer


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