• The Ender 5 Pro is a popular 3D printer from the Chinese manufacturer Creality3D. The printer offers a very robust, square design that enables high quality printing results. The printer has many functions that make it easy to get started with 3D printing, especially for beginners. For example, the printer can be controlled intuitively via a touchscreen, finished prints can be easily removed from the printing bed thanks to a redesigned flexible printing plate (flex plate) and even after a power failure, the Ender 5 Pro can easily continue printing. The device comes as a simple construction kit. The assembly is well documented in an enclosed manual or the manufacturer’s assembly video (see below).

    Advantages of the Creality Ender 5 Pro

    The Ender 5 Pro comes with a closed power supply that does not get in the way when the printer is set up. In addition, it is equipped with large screws with which the print bed can be easily levelled (calibrated). The Ender 5 Pro’s flexible, magnetic print platform is easily removable, allowing prints to be removed easily and conveniently. In addition, Creality3D uses products from well-known manufacturers in all useful places. For example, the material used is an original PTFE Bowden tube from Capricorn. The motherboard, the main board of the printer, has also been reworked. The new electrical components are not only much more reliable, but also provide, thanks to the new stepper motor drivers, a quieter background noise and more precise printing results. With an assembly space of 220 x 220 x 300 mm, the Ender 3 offers many opportunities to realize creative ideas.

    Note: We categorize this product as an entry-level article. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same service and support for this 3D printer as for premium products. For support requests that go beyond simple first level support, we may have to refer you to the manufacturer.

    Easy Construction Kit
    Filament Diameter
    1,75 mm
    Printer Measures (HxWxD)
    632 x 660 x 619 mm
    Print Head
    Bowden Style Single Extruder
    Nozzle Diameter
    0,4 mm
    Manufacturer Country
    Manufacturer Warranty
    Legal Warranty
    Print Platform
    Supported Material
    All common Filaments
    Max. Printing Area (HxWxD)
    220 x 220 x 300 mm
    Connection Possibilities
    SD Card
    System Requirements
    File Format
    Bicolor Controller Display
    2 Years
    23,8 kg
    Special Features
    good Price-Performance Ratio

Creality Ender 5 PRO


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