The most important product characteristics of the Creality LD-001 DLP-3D printer:

  • Creality LD-001 works independently from your computer or notebook
  • Ethernet, Wifi and USB ports
  • Quick and easy slicing of your 3D models with Creality’s 3D Creator slicer
  • Innovative, easy to fill and replacement resin tank
  • Simple levelling and adjustment of the building platform
  • Fast replacement of the 2K LCD display if required
  • Very high precession of 3D prints and their individual layers – up to 20 microns (0.02 mm)
  • Creality LD-001 comes with extensive accessories

Enjoy independence thanks to Ethernet, Wifi and USB connection

The Creality LD-001 gives you independence from a notebook or computer. This gives you more reliability and allows you to use your 3D printer where it is easiest and best to use. Ethernet, Wifi and a USB port give you the freedom to choose how to integrate your DLP 3D printer best into your network.

Easy control and monitoring with its 3.5-inch color touch display

Thanks to its 3.5-inch color touch display, you can control the Creality LD-001 easily and accurately. You always have full control over your DLP-3D printer with just a few taps. Read about the machine status and be up-to-date anytime.

Creality DL-001


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