ABS GP450 1.75mm 1kg Dark Blue


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Industrial grade ABS

ABS GP450 is an engineering grade, construction filament for 3D printing. This material is very useful for printing durable and impact resistant parts. The composition of the material was optimized for 3D printing purposes, so using ABS GP450 the user is allowed to print at high speed (up to 200mm/s) without any mechanical properties losses.

ABS GP450 exhibits much higher mechanical strength than other similar materials available on the market.

Key features

industrial grade material
high impact resistance
scratch resistance
high mechanical strength
high speed printing (up to 200mm/s) without quality losses
very robust lamination of layers


functional prototyping
industrial design
end-use parts
product testing

Filament wound on a transparent PC spool. The spool contains information about the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each reel is packed in aluminium vacuum bag with ZIP lock with a silica gel inside.